by Dan Pierson

Dusk I 01:42
Evening time within the forest. I’m so lonely, and then the fall Wave goodbye, I said "I’m sorry. I’m no man." Eye for an eye- -I‘ve been waiting Why?
Adrift 04:11
Take me back, I’m so scared of what’s to come The reason why, I wish I knew the cause I’ve had my fun, An empty shell I’ve left. Call me a man, I’m not sure if I’d agree I believe that my happiness is just a dream. Why can’t I live for a day? Can you see what’s happening to me?
Silent World 04:00
Since yesterday Something’s wrong Only if you dare Only if you dare I’ve found a way It’s an open door Only if you dare Only if you dare My mind’s in frozen salt My heart bleeds no more
Closure 01:23
There’s a reason why You stayed away Right before the day came Run away And celebrate your life Before you die Lend a hand to my troubled mind
Time Wasted 04:18
Taking it slow, Moving as fast as you can Outside the mist is moving its cold hand I can’t help it, I tried Times wasted on pride Down here below, life just isn’t what it seems Soon you will know, Trading your life for your dreams You can’t take it, I know Time Wasted Waste my time Once more boy Waste my time Once more boy I can’t help it I tried
Fly on my butterfly I was told in a dream “Life’s but a dream"
Dusk II 02:02
Time Time you weren’t around You were right It’s not the way to go


Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths/Keys - Dan Pierson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dan Pierson


released December 19, 2016


all rights reserved



Dan Pierson Bournemouth, UK

I'm a Multi-Instrumentalist and Vocalist from the UK.

I make Ethereal Art Rock and Prog Metal - I guess you could call it 'Diet Prog' :)

The Diet Prog Community is on hold at the moment! For now, enjoy my music for free!
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